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Discover our reference projects in the field of corrosion protection solutions.

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Innovative corrosion protection by GRILLO in action

Learn more about the effectiveness of our corrosion protection solutions through a variety of real-world case studies. Each reference underscores the successful application of our technologies in diverse environments and challenges, from historical structures to state-of-the-art facilities. These examples demonstrate how our specialized solutions provide lasting protection and contribute to the preservation of critical infrastructure worldwide.

Effective corrosion protection:
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Guillemins train station

Guillemins train station, an architectural masterpiece by Santiago Calatrava, has been shining in its full glory since 2009, protected by GRILLOs proven corrosion protection. The innovative combination of aesthetics and long-term corrosion protection demonstrates impressively how technology and art can go hand in hand.

Vindeby offshore wind farm

Vindeby, the world’s first offshore wind farm, which went into operation in 1991, relied on GRILLO’s proven corrosion protection with zinc-aluminum wire G-Z850/851. This technological approach extended the operating life of the wind farm by almost six years and helped to make Vindeby a milestone in wind energy.

Grevenhof lock bridge in Hamburg

The refurbishment of Grevenhof lock bridge in Hamburg in 2022 relied on GRILLOs innovative technology with G-Z850/851. The result: sustainable corrosion protection for steel bridges that has already proven itself worldwide.

B. Braun parking garage in Melsungen

The B. Braun Melsungen parking garage in North Hesse was successfully renovated using the MC-KKS/B system and meticulous corrosion protection measures, without the need for extensive removal of chloride-contaminated concrete.

Cooling tower in Rostock

Using the MC-KKS/B system and thermal zinc spray coating, the Rostock power plant achieved long-lasting and effective corrosion protection, ensuring environmentally friendly operation continuity despite challenges such as proximity to the Baltic Sea.

Parking area in Attendorn

The exposed parking deck in Attendorn was successfully renovated without the need to remove the chloride-contaminated concrete. The application of the MC-KKS/B system in combination with GRILLOs expertise ensured effective and sustainable corrosion protection.

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Center of Excellence (CoE)

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Thermal spraying

Learn how thermal spraying contributes to extending the lifespan of your equipment, protecting your investments in the long term, and promoting sustainability.


Our globally patented corrosion protection system, GRILLO-KKS-Beton, is a cathodic corrosion protection system that safeguards reinforced concrete in the long term.


The GRILLO anode program includes the production of fine zinc anodes for galvanic zinc plating as well as sacrificial anodes made of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys for cathodic corrosion protection.

GRILLO zinc-aluminium – the solution for tough cases

GRILLO zinc-aluminium is the first choice for excellent corrosion protection, especially in demanding environments.

GRILLO solutions for corrosion protection

GRILLOs corrosion protection solutions offer tailored solutions for various applications, including anode protection, protection of reinforced concrete, and corrosion protection for steel objects such as bridges. Find your suitable solution!

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