Dimethyl ether (DME): GRILLO-one

GRILLO-one is a high-purity dimethyl ether produced in Europe’s most modern DME production plant. The production plant is based on the licence of the Japanese group MGC and is located in the Höchst industrial park in Frankfurt. GRILLO-one is derived from methanol and offers many advantages over conventional propellants, such as high dissolving power, high propellant strength, miscibility with water and user-friendliness. The product is used in various industries, such as the paint and varnish industry, the construction industry and the chemical industry. We can also offer green DME obtained from biomethanol upon request.

The advantages of


Low CO2 emissions & green DME

Dimethyl ether production has been subjected to cradle-to-gate certification in accordance with ISO 14067. The specific CO2 emissions have been determined and can be provided to our customers with audited approved certificates. Due to modern production processes, the values are at a very low level.

In addition, we offer our customers using the main raw material methanol from sustainable sources (biomethanol) and thus produce “green DME”.

More advantages

State-of-the-art production in Europe
GRILLO-one is produced in Europe’s most advanced dimethyl ether production plant. This guarantees highest quality and purity of the product.
Improved product properties
GRILLO-one offers improved product properties compared to conventional propellants. These include high miscibility with water and organic solvents, high dissolving power, high vapour pressure, high blowing power, high density and higher expansion rate (liquid/gaseous).
Single-phase product
GRILLO-one is a single-phase product and therefore very user-friendly.
PCF certificates

GRILLO-one has a PCF certificate that certifies the product’s carbon footprint measurement and compensation. Find out more here.

Green methanol
GRILLO-one is based on methanol and is referred to as DME. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional propellants.
Sustainable alternative
GRILLO-one is a sustainable alternative to propane and butane. It is an alternative propellant that has a lower environmental impact and thus contributes to sustainability.

Application areas of


Sanitary, household & water management

GRILLO-one is used as a propellant, for example, in personal care products such as hairspray and also as a refrigerant.

Paint & varnish industry

Our dimethyl ether is used as propellant in paint and varnish products. It offers high miscibility with organic solvents and high solvent action.

Chemical industry

For the chemical industry, GRILLO-one is suitable e.g. as an intermediate, especially for Clariant products.

Construction industry & infrastructure

GRILLO-one is used in the construction industry as a foaming agent for foams for the construction industry.

Application of
GRILLO-one as propellant

Our product range

Dimethyl ether is shipped in

• ISO tank containers up to 20 tonnes
• Road tankers up to 20 tonnes

For everyONE for almost everywhere

Logistics for our GRILLO-one are carried out in tank containers and tank trailers used exclusively for our product. In addition, we offer you an intermodal transport system. Specially trained personnel enable us to ensure comprehensive safety.

Technical support: ONE together

We offer technical support prior to any initial delivery to optimise your safety and ours.

What is dimethyl ether?

Dimethylether (DME), auch bekannt als Methoxymethan, ist der einfachste Ether mit der Formel CH3OCH3. Dimethylether ist ein (bei Normalbedingungen) farbloses, leicht narkotisierend wirkendes, hochentzündliches Gas.

Dimethyl ether is a synthetic product obtained from methanol that can be used as a propellant in aerosols. It has gained acceptance as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional propellants. Besides the fact that DME is an ozone-friendly, odourless propellant, GRILLO-one is also characterised by the following distinctive features:

• High miscibility with water and organic solvents
• High solvent action
• High vapour pressure, high propellant power
• High density, higher weight with the same volume
• High expansion rate (liquid/gaseous)
• High degree of user-friendliness (single-phase product)

Further topics


Together for a liveable and sustainable future

At GRILLO, we are convinced that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity. We therefore aim to continuously improve our processes and products and make a positive impact on the environment and society. We rely on sustainable solutions such as ECO ZINC, a circular economy and CO2 reduced production to make our contribution to climate protection and create a future worth living.

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