sustainable high-purity zinc alloy

GRILLO ECO ZAMAK® offers ecological material properties. For our partners, this means that the CO2 footprint is significantly reduced in the production of die-cast parts.

The advantages of


GRILLO ECO ZAMAK® is particularly durable and 100% recyclable.

The use of CO2-reduced raw materials in our production plants reduces the CO2 footprint by more than 50%.

DIN EN 1774
GRILLO ECO ZAMAK® alloys meet the specifications of DIN EN 1774.

We focus on sustainability and climate neutrality by optionally using ECO ZINC as a raw material in our production – for a reduced CO2 footprint of your products.

Application areas of


Foundry & casting industry

ZAMAK® has established itself as an important alloy for die casting production, where its excellent properties ensure optimum results.

Sanitary, household & water management

ZAMAK® is ideally suited for applications in sanitary, household and water management due to its ability to realise complex geometries.

Construction industry & infrastructure

ZAMAK® is used for various applications such as door and window handles, railings and bridges due to its high strength, weather resistance and ability to produce complex shapes.

Textile industry

ZAMAK® is used for its high durability as well as its versatility, especially in the production of closing and fastening elements on garments and bags.

Electronics industry

The high-performance zinc die-casting alloy is also used for complex die-cast parts in the electronics industry due to its excellent casting properties and the option of surface design.

Automotive industry

ZAMAK® is used in the automotive industry for the production of components such as door handles, clutches and other parts.

Furniture industry

Thanks to its high-quality appearance and surface finish, ZAMAK® is suitable for the manufacture of door and drawer handles and other decorative components.

Consumer and household goods

ZAMAK® is widely used in the manufacture of consumer and household goods such as toys, jewellery and household appliances.

Our product range

Our high-purity zinc alloys ZAMAK® ZL5 (ZL0410), ZL2 (ZL0430) and ZL3 (ZLO400) are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1774.

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Together for a liveable and sustainable future

At GRILLO, we are convinced that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity. We therefore aim to continuously improve our processes and products and make a positive impact on the environment and society. We rely on sustainable solutions such as ECO ZINC, a circular economy and CO2 reduced production to make our contribution to climate protection and create a future worth living.

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