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Energy Solutions

Flyer “Battery Industry“

Learn about the possible applications and benefits of Grillo zinc powder in the battery industry.

Flyer “Further Applications“

Discover the possible applications of Grillo zinc powder outside the battery industry.

Bruchure „Energy Solutions“

Get to know our zinc products for the production of zinc-based batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Flyer “Further Applications“

Discover the possible applications of Grillo zinc powder outside the battery industry.

Presentation “Nanomaterials”

Perspectives of nanomaterials in energy technology.

Performance Materials


Corrosion Solutions

Flyer “Zinc powder for Thermal Spraying”

Learn more about our zinc powder in different types especially for Thermal Spraying.

Brochure “Zinc wire”

Zinc wire in a wide range of variations. Get to know our extensive product range.

Brochure “KKS-Beton”

Our corrosion protection system KKS-Beton in detail. Discover now!

Brochure “Corrosion Solutions”

Get to know all GRILLO corrosion protection products and solutions.


Project “Closing the Loop”

The “Closing the Loop” cooperation project between Aurubis AG and GRILLO-Werke AG.

Dimethyl ether (DME) GRILLO-one

Greener than you thought! Significantly reduced footprint with DME.

Brochure “Chemicals”

Discover our wide range of chemical solutions at a glance.

Certificate 22000 – Bisulphite, bisulphate, hydrochloric acid

Certificate 9001 – Chemicals

Certificate 14001 – Chemicals

HALAL Certificate – Bisulphite

HALAL Certificate – Sulphur Dioxide

HALAL Certificate – Zinc Sulphate

KOSHER Certificate – Chemicals

Responsible Care Declaration – Chemicals

International Responsible Care Declaration – Chemicals

Certificate Waste Management Company – Chemicals

Certificate 22000 – Zinc Sulphate & Sulphur Dioxide

Flyer GRILLO MÁS shrimp industry

Zinc Oxide

Brochure “Zinc Oxide”

Discover the benefits and possible applications of our zinc oxide.

Flyer “Zinc Oxides for Personal Care”


Brochure “Zinc Oxide”

Certificate Halal

Certificate Kosher

Certificate Natrue

Certificate GMP

certificate TÜV Nord ISO 50001

Certificate TÜV Nord ISO 9001

Certificate Cosmos

Certificate Ecocert

Certificate Ecovadis


Participation ChePap Rhein-Ruhr

Successful model ‘ChePap Rhein-Ruhr’ goes into the next round.

Award-winning sustainability

GRILLO-Werke AG was awarded the EcoVadis Silver Seal.

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GRILLO-Werke AG – Company introduction

Certificate 9001 – Main Certificate Metal Division

Certificate 14001 – Main Certificate Metal Division

Certificate 50001 – GRILLO-Werke AG

Sub-certificates and other languages on request

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GRILLO Corporate Policy

Neighbour information

Duisburg Incident Brochure

Date of the last incident inspection: on 25.08.2022 and 30.08.2022 in Duisburg.

Incident brochure Frankfurt

For more information, please visit theIndustriepark Höchstwebsite.

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