Grillopet: Sodium bisulphate in feed grade (E514)

Grillopet is an EU-approved feed-grade additive. As an acidity regulator, preservative and flavouring agent, Grillopet helps to improve the quality, shelf life and acceptance of feed and thus supports healthy pet nutrition.

The advantages of


Efficient acid regulation
The pKa value (strength of an acid) of Grillopet is lower than that of all competing acidifiers, which means that a lower application quantity is required.
Long-lasting preservation
Using Grillopet as a preservative in feed extends shelf life and reduces possible contamination by bacteria and fungi.
Higher acceptance
Grillopet can also be used as a flavouring agent in feed to improve the taste and smell of the feed and thus increase its acceptance by the animals.
Like GRILLO’s conventional sodium bisulphate, Grillopet is hygroscopic and thus able to bind moisture. This helps the feed to last longer and to better retain its quality.
Reliable delivery
Customers can rely on fast and reliable delivery of Grillopet to ensure continuous feed production.

Application areas of


Agriculture & feed industry

Grillopet is used in particular as an acidity regulator, preservative and flavouring agent to improve the quality and shelf life of feed and its acceptance by the animals.

Our product range

We supply Grillopet in 25 kg bags, as big bags with max. 1,200 kg.

What is Grillopet?

Grillopet is an EU-approved feed-grade additive.

The pearl-shaped product binds moisture and ensures a longer shelf life of feed. Grillopet is available in various packaging sizes and is delivered quickly and reliably.

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