ZnAl alloy wire

Zinc-Aluminium alloy wire is particularly suitable for the permanent corrosion protection of steel in maritime applications.

The advantages of
Zinc-Aluminium alloy wires

Highest corrosion protection
With thermal spraying, zinc-aluminium wires offer even higher corrosion protection in maritime, chloride-contaminated environments than pure zinc coatings.
Higher application rates
By using our zinc-aluminium wires, higher application rates can be achieved. Productivity is significantly increased.
Less overspray
The use of zinc-aluminium wires leads to less overspray. This saves resources and costs.
High efficiency & low costs
The use of GRILLO zinc-aluminium wires in thermal spraying enables high efficiency combined with lower costs compared to other materials.

Application areas of
ZnAl alloy wire

Corrosion protection

Zinc-aluminium wire from GRILLO is the solution for durable corrosion protection of steel in maritime environments or those exposed to chloride.

Construction industry & infrastructure

Zinc-aluminium wire is frequently used for thermal spraying of steel parts exposed to chloride. In particular, large components or heat-sensitive steels are permanently protected against corrosion.

Foundry & casting industry

Zinc-aluminium wires are used as corrosion protection for ductile cast iron pipes. The use of this special alloy results in the best possible and long-lasting protection against corrosion in the ground, especially at elevated salinity levels.

Maritime industry

Zinc-aluminium wires are preferred for the protection of steel in maritime applications and low pH environments.

Our product range

We produce the alloys ZnAl2, ZnAl4 and ZnAl15 as standard product. Other special alloys and dimensions will be manufactured according to customer specifications.

GRILLO ZnAl alloy wires are available in diameters of 1.6mm – 4.76 mm as standard.

Packaging units:

• Continuous wire in fibre drums (with inner cylinder)
• Continuous wire in metal drums (with inner cylinder)
• Coils (SD 300 or SH 390)
• Rings in PE-film

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