Sulphur dioxide

We offer liquid sulphur dioxide in technical and food grade and it can be used in various industries such as in the chemical, food, or paper and cellulose industry. With our many years of experience and reliable logistics, we support our customers as experts and consultants.

The advantages of
GRILLO sulphur dioxide


Low CO2 emissions

Sulphur dioxide production has been subjected to cradle-to-gate certification in accordance with ISO 14067. The specific CO2 emissions have been determined and can be provided to our customers with audited approved certificates. Thanks to modern production processes, the values are at a very low level.

More advantages

Logistics hub Duisburg
Our SO2 production is located in the heart of the logistics hub Duisburg, which is unique in Europe with the world’s largest inland port and a unique infrastructure network.
Security of supply
Our own award-winning fleet of 100 rail tank cars ensures reliable supply of sulphur dioxide and meets the highest safety standards.
High degree of expertise
As the market leader, we have decades of experience in the production and logistics of sulphur dioxide, which ensures a high level of technical expertise and consulting competence.

Application areas of
GRILLO sulphur dioxide

Energy Solutions

Our sulphur dioxide is used in the energy industry as a reducing agent in the flue gas desulphurisation of power plants.

Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, sulphur dioxide is used in the sulphonation of organic compounds.

Paint & varnish industry

Here, sulphur dioxide is used in the sulphonation of organic compounds.

Textile & fibre industry

Our sulphur dioxide is used here for brightening and removing impurities.

Paper & printing industry

Sulphur dioxide is used in the paper and printing industry to bleach cellulose and paper.

Food industry

As a preservative, GRILLO sulphur dioxide is used to ensure reliable preservation of dried fruit, wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Our product range

The following grades are available:

• Sulphur dioxide technical grade
• Sulphur dioxide food grade (E220)

Sulphur dioxide is shipped in:

• Pressure gas rail tank cars with 15 – 64 t
• ISO tank containers with 5 – 25 t
• Pressure gas cylinders with 550kg or 1,100kg
• Compressed gas cylinders from 2 – 100 kg

What is sulphur dioxide?

Sulphur dioxide is a compressed gas with a purity of 99.98%.

Sulphur dioxide is mainly used in the chemical industry (e.g. sulphonation), in cellulose and paper production and as a preservative in the beverage and food industry.

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Together for a liveable and sustainable future

At GRILLO, we are convinced that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity. We therefore aim to continuously improve our processes and products and make a positive impact on the environment and society. We rely on sustainable solutions such as ECO ZINC, a circular economy and CO2 reduced production to make our contribution to climate protection and create a future worth living.

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