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As an innovative and forward-looking company, we are actively committed to sustainable development. From natural and sustainable raw materials to CO2-reduced production processes and ecological materials such as ECO ZINC, we stand for responsible and environmentally friendly products. Our work aims to reduce environmental impact and create a more sustainable future. We are constantly looking for new, innovative and effective concepts and solutions to increase our contribution to sustainability.

Our sustainable products & solutions

Zinc: material with a future

Zinc is one of our main materials and an outstanding example of sustainability. With its extreme durability and high corrosion resistance, zinc proves to be a material that lasts for years and thus contributes to resource efficiency.

Its environmentally friendly properties are even more extensive. Zinc is 100% recyclable and 100% natural. After its use, it can be reused without loss of quality, making it the ideal material for a circular economy. All these properties underline its value for a sustainable future, which is what we are striving for at GRILLO.


Sustainable energy storage with zinc

In our ever-growing digital world, reliable and sustainable energy storage plays a crucial role. Zinc, with its versatile and environmentally friendly properties, offers unique solutions to this pressing need.

Zinc enables diverse and sustainable energy storage systems for a wide range of applications. From emission-free micromobility to the storage of renewable energy over longer periods of time In addition, zinc is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and non-flammable. These properties make it an environmentally friendly choice for energy storage systems and underline its value in a sustainable future.


Sustainable corrosion protection

Environmental protection in its highest form: Our solutions for corrosion protection of steel and reinforced concrete structures are particularly sustainable and long-lasting.

GRILLO is actively committed to sustainable corrosion protection and offers a wide range of solutions from consulting to the finished product. One example is our globally patented corrosion protection system KKS-Beton, which provides long-term protection for reinforced concrete. The cathodic protection of a zinc coating applied by thermal spraying enables simple renovation and permanent protection of damaged but still functional reinforced concrete.

Furthermore, GRILLO offers other solutions such as zinc wire and anodes to prevent corrosion and extend the life of metal structures. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and are committed to ensuring that the structures of our time are sustainably protected against corrosion in the long term.


Sustainable production of DMS & DME with biomethanol

We focus on environmentally friendly alternatives in the production of dimethyl sulphate (DMS) and dimethyl ether (DME) by optionally using green biomethanol as a raw material.

As a leading manufacturer of dimethyl sulphate (DMS) and dimethyl ether (DME), we at GRILLO place particular emphasis on sustainability. We focus on environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional products and produce our DMS in a safe and reliable supply chain. As an option, we use green biomethanol as raw material for our DME and produce it in a state-of-the-art and sustainable production plant based on the licence of the Japanese MGC group.

Our DME serves as a raw material for the production of DMS and thus closes the cycle. Our products provide a sustainable solution to our customers’ needs and we are committed to a more sustainable future by producing environmentally friendly products.


Sustainable animal welfare

Our Animal Care product range offers Grillopet® and Improbed, two innovative products that can sustainably improve the health of pets and livestock.

Our commitment to sustainable livestock breeding and nutrition is reflected in our Animal Care product range. We offer innovative solutions with Grillopet® and Improbed and make a major contribution to healthy livestock breeding and nutrition. We enable farmers as well as feed producers to improve animal health and nutrition, increase the quality and shelf life of feed and promote sustainable livestock breeding.


Green steam: sustainable energy production

The production of our sulphuric acid generates steam, which is far more than just a by-product.
This “green steam” is used to generate electricity and supplies numerous businesses in the Höchst industrial park with energy. The big advantage: this process takes place without any additional release of CO2.

In this sense, our green steam represents a significant contribution to sustainable energy supply. It leverages the process of sulphuric acid production and transforms an otherwise unused side-effect into a valuable resource. In this way, we help to reduce CO2-emissions and at the same time promote the circular economy in the Höchst industrial park.

Electric smog shielding

Our zinc foil not only offers unique dimensions, but also a sustainable solution for the shielding of electric smog.

Our zinc foil not only offers unique dimensions, but also a sustainable solution for shielding of electric smog. The ultra-thin foil with a minimum thickness of 0.06 mm and a maximum width of 720 mm meets the highest requirements in the electronics industry for electromagnetic shielding and protection against electrical radiation.

Electric smog is a burden on people and the environment and with our zinc foil we can help to reduce this burden. We also use environmentally friendly measures in the production of our zinc foil in order to minimise our environmental impact. With our zinc foil, we thus offer an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for protection against electric smog.



We focus on sustainability and climate neutrality by using ECO ZINC as a raw material in our production – for a reduced CO2-footprint of your products.

ECO ZINC is an important part of our environmentally friendly production initiatives. We reduce our CO2-emissions by using significantly CO2-reduced fine zinc and produce high-quality zinc products from it. Our ECO ZINC products are manufactured using renewable energy sources and innovative technologies to meet the highest quality standards and minimise environmental impact. We recommend using ECO ZINC also to our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals. With ECO ZINC, we offer a responsible and sustainable solution for our customers’ zinc needs.


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