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As your partner, we supply you with a complete package individually tailored to your requirements. From the joint specification of requirements through development to the finished product and delivery – your work is reduced by our very close support. Our high standards and quality assurance result in high-quality zinc powder in the end.

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As the world market leader in the production of zinc powder, we focus on the highest quality and accompany you closely along the entire process as a reliable partner.

Our complete zinc powder package

Team of experts

In our complete zinc powder package, we offer an entire team of experts with comprehensive expertise and many years of experience, from purchasing to production and packing to quality management and sales.

Problem solver

Since we are problem solvers, we do not simply sell a product, but the complete service. This starts with development, continues with customised production, the desired type of packaging and delivery and ends with the delivery of the product.

Product development

In our own research and development department, we develop individual zinc powders for our customers, tailored to their specific requirements. We also provide suggestions for improvement and innovation to get the best out of our zinc powder for the customer.


We have been working with fixed logistics partners for many years. Our customers always have a dedicated contact person. We offer high flexibility and security in logistics through our various partners. This enables us to make reliable deliveries worldwide.

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about GRILLO zinc powder

What distinguishes our zinc powders?

Our zinc powders are only produced from selected, high-purity zinc qualities. We produce exclusively at our site in Goslar, Lower Saxony. In addition, our zinc powders are subject to strict and close-meshed quality control and inspection during and after the manufacturing process, so that only the highest qualities leave our premises.

How are our zinc powders made?
Our zinc powders are produced by air atomisation or by spinning disc.
Are our zinc powders also suitable for soldering processes?
Our zinc powders are used as zinc-aluminium alloy powders for soldering aluminium components.
What is the shelf life of our powders?

We guarantee the properties of our zinc powders for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery if stored appropriately.

How should our zinc powders be stored?

Our zinc powders should be stored in closed original containers. Furthermore, the storage place should be clean and dry and the storage should take place at ambient temperature. Strong temperature fluctuations should be avoided.

What future markets do we see for our zinc powders?

In particular, the increasing use of renewable energies that are not continuously available requires environmentally friendly and sustainable storage of electrical energy. We see zinc-based energy storage as one of the approaches to a solution. For us, protection against corrosion with zinc powder also means a step towards a sustainable future. The useful life of steel-based components is significantly increased in this way.

Our research for
an optimised future

With our in-house research and development department, we are researching important inventions and further developments for the future. Together with our scientific partners from universities and research institutions, we are doing everything we can to optimise various areas of life. We are involved in several research projects with public funding.

How zinc and water can charge smartphones

The smartphone is a constant companion. When the battery runs out on the road, many people are in trouble. The solution is a mobile charging option to go. This is exactly the topic we have dedicated ourselves to. In this project, we and our scientific partners aimed to develop a demand-oriented, location-independent generation of hydrogen (H2) for a fuel cell. Zinc was the game changer: hydrogen is produced through the chemical reaction of zinc and water. The low procurement costs of zinc are only one advantage.

Electric vehicles will travel further distances in the future thanks to zinc

It is not yet possible to drive long distances in an electric vehicle without taking a charging break in between. The energy density of current lithium-ion batteries is not sufficient. Zinc-air batteries, on the other hand, have five times the energy density and could be the solution. Our goal with our research was to develop a scalable zinc-air battery that can be charged both mechanically and electrically. The special properties of zinc are excellent for this. In the future, electric vehicles can then be mechanically charged with so-called zinc slurries.

How zinc contributes to an optimal energy storage technology

Zinc-air energy storage systems are very advantageous for stationary applications. Whether it is the low cost of active materials, the high availability of zinc or the good environmental compatibility of the materials – zinc-air energy storage systems could grow into an optimal storage technology We have investigated different aspects of zinc-air technology in a joint project with other research teams. Our goal was to develop a cell design that is competitive and scalable up to the megawatt range.

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Together for a liveable and sustainable future

At GRILLO, we are convinced that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity. We therefore aim to continuously improve our processes and products and make a positive impact on the environment and society. We rely on sustainable solutions such as ECO ZINC, a circular economy and CO2 reduced production to make our contribution to climate protection and create a future worth living.

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