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In our Solution Guide, we will guide you step by step to the optimal solution for your corrosion protection project. This solution request is your first step towards a personalized consultation tailored to your specific requirements. Each project is unique and requires a specialized approach – our deep expertise and wide range of products guarantee tailored support for each of your projects. Take the first step now with our guide and contact us for further consultation!

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Maritime infrastructure & shipbuilding

Mastering maritime challenges

We provide suitable corrosion protection solutions for the unique challenges in maritime infrastructure and shipbuilding. Discover long-lasting, efficient solutions for protection above and below the waterline.

Application examples:
Pier and port structures, bridges, shipbuilding, and more.

Construction & infrastructure

Strengthen your structures with GRILLOs corrosion protection

Rely on our expertise in construction and infrastructure for corrosion protection that ensures longevity and safety. Discover our efficient solutions for your construction project!

Application examples:
Steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, pipes

Industrial facilities

Maximum corrosion protection for industry

Choose GRILLOs comprehensive corrosion protection for industrial facilities. Our specialized solutions provide sustainable protection for steel structures and reinforced concrete, withstand aggressive conditions, and optimize safety and cost-effectiveness.

Application examples:
Steel structures, reinforced concrete

Energy sector

Reliable protection for energy facilities

Discover GRILLOs versatile corrosion protection in the energy sector. From wind turbines to power plants, our solutions effectively safeguard your energy facilities in new construction, repairs, and maintenance. Experience how we ensure the longevity of your projects with innovative technologies.

Application examples:
Wind turbines, transmission towers, power plant construction, and more.

Automotive, transport & vehicle manufacturing

Drive safely and worry-free with GRILLO

Discover new standards in corrosion protection for the automotive and transportation industry with GRILLOs solutions. Whether for vehicle manufacturing, rail transport, or infrastructure – our products provide first-class protection and extend the lifespan of your projects.

Application examples:
Vehicle manufacturing, railways, power lines, tunnel construction, and more

Further topics

Thermal spraying

Learn how thermal spraying contributes to extending the lifespan of your equipment, protecting your investments in the long term, and promoting sustainability.


Our globally patented corrosion protection system, GRILLO-KKS-Beton, is a cathodic corrosion protection system that safeguards reinforced concrete in the long term.


The GRILLO anode program includes the production of fine zinc anodes for galvanic zinc plating as well as sacrificial anodes made of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys for cathodic corrosion protection.

GRILLO zinc-aluminium – the solution for tough cases

GRILLO zinc-aluminium is the first choice for excellent corrosion protection, especially in demanding environments.

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