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Customized zinc solutions from GRILLO – for batteries that make a difference.

Custom development of zinc products

For optimal solutions in battery production.

The demanding world of battery manufacturing calls for more than standard solutions; it demands tailored perfection. Manufacturers need to maximize performance, control costs, and ensure sustainability. GRILLO, as a leading producer of high-performance zinc products, meets these unique challenges. We recognize that individual approaches are necessary to achieve excellent results.

At GRILLO, you not only receive high-quality zinc products but also comprehensive guidance to ensure our products precisely match your requirements. We leverage our expertise to collaborate closely with you in developing solutions that perfectly align performance, cost, and sustainability. Trust GRILLO to navigate the complexity in the battery sector and discover tailored, effective solutions.

From idea to innovation:
Our tailored process for your battery production.

Customized zinc products
for your success

Enhance performance, sustainability, and cost-efficiency.

Optimized performance for your requirements

By using customized zinc products, you can enhance the performance and efficiency of your batteries.

Cost efficiency tailored to your needs

Custom solutions help optimize material usage and minimize waste, leading to cost savings.

Your competitive advantage

With our customized solutions, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering batteries with superior performance and reliability.

Sustainability for your environmental friendliness

Optimizing zinc products contributes to reducing resource consumption and improving environmental impacts, increasing the sustainability of your products.

Quality assurance to your standards

By customizing zinc products, you ensure that you receive high-quality materials that meet your quality standards.

Optimizing the production process

The development of customized solutions can accelerate and streamline the production process.

Risk minimisation for your reliability

Custom solutions help minimize technical risks and enhance the reliability and safety of your batteries.

Economic advantage for your profitability

Customized solutions reduce total operating costs and increase your profitability.

Expert advice

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Are you ready to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of your battery production? Schedule a consultation appointment with our experts at GRILLO. We provide personalized guidance to present you with the best zinc products for your specific requirements.

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Together for a liveable and sustainable future

At GRILLO, we are convinced that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity. We therefore aim to continuously improve our processes and products and make a positive impact on the environment and society. We rely on sustainable solutions such as ECO ZINC, a circular economy and CO2 reduced production to make our contribution to climate protection and create a future worth living.

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