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Thermal spraying

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Thermal spraying with zinc and zinc-aluminium

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The thermal spraying process with zinc and zinc-aluminium provides sustainable corrosion protection, high cost efficiency, and impressive durability for long-lasting and sustainable corrosion control.

What is thermal spraying?

The thermal spraying process relies on state-of-the-art zinc alloys developed in-house to ensure long-lasting corrosion protection and high-adhesion coating thicknesses. This pioneering technology is used in various fields, from bridge renovations to industrial applications, utilizing advanced coating techniques such as arc spraying and flame spraying to ensure effective adhesion of the zinc layer.

Quality controls and expert knowledge in material preparation and protection concepts contribute to sustainability and damage prevention. At GRILLO, you benefit from our unique expertise and high-quality products that are considered market leaders. As a one-stop-shop provider, we also offer comprehensive solutions, with our focus always on environmental protection and efficiency.

How long has the thermal spray process been in use?

The application of thermal metal spraying for corrosion protection of steel bridges has a long history of success. Since the 1950s, steel bridges around the world have been coated using this method. The initial projects were undertaken in the USA and the United Kingdom. In Norway, the road authority has mandated thermal metal spraying for all bridges in marine environments since the 1960s. The method has also been successfully applied to road and railway bridges in the Benelux countries since the beginning of this millennium.

In Germany, thermal metal spraying has not yet been fully integrated into the regulatory frameworks, yet projects such as the Grevenhof lock bridge demonstrate the immense potential of this proven method in the corrosion protection of steel structures.

What are common alternative technologies to thermal spraying?

As alternatives to thermal spraying, there are hot-dip galvanizing and paint coatings. In hot-dip galvanizing, the metal is immersed in molten zinc to form a protective layer. Paint coating involves applying a protective paint to the surface to guard against corrosion.

The benefits of the thermal spray process compared to hot-dip galvanising & colour coating


Thermal spraying avoids the use of chemicals and solvents, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to paint coating and reducing environmental impact.

Cold process

The cold process of thermal spraying preserves the dimensional stability of components and is gentler on the original material compared to hot-dip galvanizing.

Highly effective corrosion protection

By using more effective alloys in thermal spraying, outstanding corrosion protection results can be achieved regardless of the material, unlike paint coating.

Self-healing effect

Thanks to the material quality and dense structure, small damages can self-heal, increasing longevity, as opposed to paint coating.

Maintenance-free for up to 100 years

The robust coating ensures long-lasting corrosion protection without the need for extensive regular maintenance, unlike paint coating.

No drying time

The coated components can be processed immediately without waiting for drying times, unlike paint coating.

Logistics & transportation

In comparison to hot-dip galvanizing, thermal spraying eliminates the cumbersome transportation as zinc alloys are applied directly onto the components. This significantly simplifies logistics.

Unlimited component dimensions

In contrast to hot-dip galvanizing, thermal spraying allows for the coating of components of any size, without limitations.

Versatility of steel types

Any type of steel can be protected using thermal spraying, and duplex systems allow for easy integration of paint coatings, which is not possible with hot-dip galvanizing.

Reduced downtime

Thermal spraying requires less time for drying and cooling compared to hot-dip galvanizing, reducing production downtime

Inventory availability & delivery reliability

Due to direct application, components can be stored and delivered immediately without waiting for cooling, unlike hot-dip galvanizing.

UV-resistant & paintable

The coating is UV-resistant and can be painted over immediately, allowing for further customization, unlike hot-dip galvanization.

Recycling & reduced waste

Overspray during spraying can be recycled, resulting in less waste and reduced environmental impact, unlike hot-dip galvanizing.

Free of microplastics

Thermal spraying does not generate microplastic particles, unlike some paint coatings, which minimizes environmental impact.

Immediately paintable

The ability to paint immediately allows for the immediate processing of coated components, unlike hot-dip galvanizing.

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