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Zinc-aluminium: The ultimate corrosion protection

GRILLO zinc-aluminium is the first choice for long-lasting corrosion protection, especially in the most demanding environments.

Challenging requirements require robust solutions

In particularly challenging environments where steel and reinforced concrete structures are used, corrosion damage is a significant issue. This corrosion can lead to substantial costs and downtime, impacting efficiency and profitability. An outstanding solution in these cases is the use of zinc-aluminium, the most effective corrosion protection in demanding environments. This high-quality material not only provides long-lasting protection against red rust but also significantly reduces repair costs and downtime.

GRILLO: Your leading partner for zinc-aluminium coating solutions

GRILLO is at the forefront of developing zinc-aluminium coating solutions. As a leading provider, GRILLO offers unique solutions for challenging environments that protect your constructions in the long term and extend their lifespan.

zinc-aluminium products

Zinc foil

Product description
Zinc-aluminium foil made from zinc-aluminium provides outstanding corrosion protection due to its alloy and uniform coating. Its low thickness and weight, along with high flexibility, allow for versatile applications, including automotive manufacturing and areas where reliable corrosion protection and adaptability under demanding environmental conditions are required, such as construction, shipbuilding, and more.
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For more product information and the appropriate contact person, please visit the zinc foil product page.

Zinc strip

Product description
Zinc strip is an extremely reliable solution for corrosion protection, especially proven in applications that require high conformability, flexibility, and stability. Its durability makes it ideal for use in the construction industry, maritime infrastructure, as well as in pipe and conduit routing.
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For more product information and the appropriate contact person, please visit the zinc strip product page.

Zinc wire

Product description
GRILLOs zinc-aluminium wire sets a global standard for the highest quality requirements. This level of quality translates into maximum productivity with optimal processing. The material serves as a long-lasting corrosion protection solution, particularly in maritime applications. Furthermore, our Zinc-Aluminium products are employed to safeguard bridge projects and offshore wind power installations worldwide.
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Cast anodes

Product description
Cast anodes made of zinc-aluminium provide a reliable solution for corrosion protection in demanding environments. Thanks to their high resistance to chemicals and corrosion, they are ideal for the automotive industry, water and wastewater treatment, the oil and gas sector, as well as for the protection of steel structures in maritime environments.
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Highest corrosion protection
with GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions

GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions offer the best protection against corrosion, even in extreme environments such as proximity to the sea or under highly corrosive industrial conditions. You can rely on your steel structures being optimally protected.

Efficient corrosion protection

GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions provide highly effective corrosion protection, even in challenging environments such as proximity to the sea or highly corrosive industrial conditions.

Extended lifespan

Utilizing GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions significantly extends the lifespan of steel structures, resulting in long-term cost savings through reduced repair and maintenance requirements, and even fewer new investments.

Lower repair & maintenance costs

The reduced need for maintenance and repairs leads to lower operating costs and minimizes downtime.

Environmentally friendly

GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions are an environmentally-friendly option that helps reduce the ecological footprint.


Using GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions ensures the longevity of steel structures and contributes to their long-term value preservation.

Quality assurance

GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions guarantee consistent, high-quality performance, as all products are internally manufactured and subjected to rigorous quality controls.

Versatile corrosion protection

GRILLOs zinc-aluminium solutions (Zn-Al) are frequently used in particularly aggressive environments due to their excellent corrosion protection properties. Here are some application examples:

Maritime infrastructure & shipbuilding

Zinc-aluminium is applied to steel structures such as coastal fortifications, offshore facilities, shipbuilding, as well as refrigerated containers to provide long-lasting protection in the highly corrosive environment of aggressive marine air.

Construction & infrastructure

Zinc-aluminium is used worldwide in large steel structures such as bridges and cast pipes for water and wastewater pipelines.

Industrial facilities

Zinc-aluminium is used to protect all types of steel structures in industrial areas against corrosion. For example, pipes in the oil and gas industry, as well as tanks and bridges in chemical parks.

Automotive, transportation & vehicle manufacturing

Zinc-aluminium is used globally in commercial vehicles such as trucks and vehicles in the agricultural sector, as well as in infrastructure for railways and bridges.

Energy sector

Components of onshore and entire offshore wind turbines, electrical towers, as well as infrastructure in refineries are protected against corrosion and made durable with zinc-aluminium.

Further topics

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Center of Excellence (CoE)

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Our globally patented corrosion protection system, GRILLO-KKS-Beton, is a cathodic corrosion protection system that safeguards reinforced concrete in the long term.


The GRILLO anode program includes the production of fine zinc anodes for galvanic zinc plating as well as sacrificial anodes made of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys for cathodic corrosion protection.

GRILLO solutions for corrosion protection

GRILLOs corrosion protection solutions offer tailored solutions for various applications, including anode protection, protection of reinforced concrete, and corrosion protection for steel objects such as bridges. Find your suitable solution!

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