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CoE overview of services:
Aggregated expertise

Consulting service

Customized corrosion protection consultation

Benefit from our personalized consultation and support to make the right decisions for your corrosion protection.

  • Customized consultation for customers
  • Assistance in selecting suitable materials and solutions
  • Thermal spraying: Consultation on application, technique, and optimization
  • Cathodic corrosion protection, advice and design
Application technology & practical knowledge

Practical corrosion protection technology

Protect your investments and assets from damage by selecting the optimal, sustainable, and long-lasting corrosion protection systems, and correctly applying and installing them:

  • Expertise in corrosion protection with coatings and coverings
  • Technical application advice, also on site
Research & development

Innovation leader in corrosion protection

Benefit from the latest developments in corrosion protection and ensure the safeguarding of your reputation, assets, and products:

  • Development of innovative solutions for national and international projects
  • Collaboration with customers, institutes, universities and experts worldwide
  • Development and testing of new materials and technologies
Resources & infrastructure

Comprehensive corrosion protection resources

Utilize the expertise and resources of GRILLO to successfully execute your corrosion protection projects:

  • Modern laboratory and testing facilities
  • Corrosion analyses in accordance with national and international standards
  • Outdoor weathering and application-related test setups
  • Metallography
  • Materials testing
  • Damage analysis
  • Technical resources and software tools
  • Highly qualified employees with expertise in corrosion protection
Customer support & network

Networked corrosion protection expertise

Utilize our network of experts and professionals to gather information, exchange ideas, and learn from one another:

  • Member of an expert network such as GfKorr, GTS, Initiative Zink
  • Customer care and support
  • Collaborative projects and knowledge exchange
Training & training programmes

Further training in corrosion protection

Take advantage of our expertise with our training courses to assess your corrosion protection needs and implement effective solutions:

  • Basic corrosion protection concepts and techniques
  • Specially designed for different industries and applications
  • Current developments and technologies
  • Thermal spraying for corrosion protection
  • Practical training courses and workshops

Sustainable corrosion protection solutions

GRILLO helps you protect your investments and assets sustainably, while also conserving the environment and increasing your resource efficiency:

  • Advice on sustainable corrosion protection solutions
  • Development of sustainable corrosion protection materials and techniques
  • Environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of zinc materials

Further topics

Thermal spraying

Learn how thermal spraying contributes to extending the lifespan of your equipment, protecting your investments in the long term, and promoting sustainability.


Our globally patented corrosion protection system, GRILLO-KKS-Beton, is a cathodic corrosion protection system that safeguards reinforced concrete in the long term.


The GRILLO anode program includes the production of fine zinc anodes for galvanic zinc plating as well as sacrificial anodes made of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys for cathodic corrosion protection.

GRILLO zinc-aluminium – the solution for tough cases

GRILLO zinc-aluminium is the first choice for excellent corrosion protection, especially in demanding environments.

GRILLO solutions for corrosion protection

GRILLOs corrosion protection solutions offer tailored solutions for various applications, including anode protection, protection of reinforced concrete, and corrosion protection for steel objects such as bridges. Find your suitable solution!

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Explore our successfully executed projects and be inspired by the diverse practical applications and solutions.

GRILLO media library: find out more!

From technical data sheets to detailed presentations and press articles – in our media library you will find all the details about our products and solutions for download.


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