Sustainable dealing

Our commitment to a sustainable future.

Sustainability at GRILLO

Environmental awareness & social responsibility

“What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.”
Therefore, sustainability is a key element of our strategy. In addition to our sustainable products and solutions, we are also actively committed to the environment through other sustainability projects within our company.

Our sustainability projects

Recycling of used acids

By recycling used acids such as sulphuric acid, we make a valuable contribution to environmental protection by recovering valuable raw materials.

GRILLO makes a decisive contribution to environmental protection by recycling used acids such as sulphuric acid. Instead of disposing of these acids, we recover valuable raw materials and thus reduce raw material consumption as well as environmental pollution. We take back used acids and process them to recover sulphur.

Using state-of-the-art technologies enables us to continuously optimise our recycling processes while minimising energy consumption and environmental impact. Our recycling programme thus offers customers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the disposal of used acids by ensuring professional and environmentally friendly reprocessing.


Product carbon footprint certificates and CO2-friendly production

We are proud to offer PCF certification for our chemical products – for a proven contribution to climate protection.

At GRILLO, we attach great importance to sustainability and transparency in our production of chemical products. We have therefore chosen PCF certification to provide our customers with information about the ecological rucksack of their products.

The ecological rucksack takes into account not only CO2-emissions, but also other environmental impacts that occur during production. PCF certification enables our customers to determine the ecological rucksack of their product and take targeted measures to reduce their environmental impact.


CO2-reduced energy production

CO2-reduced energy production in our chemical division contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2-emissions.

Minimising CO2-emissions during the production process is an important sustainability goal for GRILLO. Particularly in our chemical division, we focus on CO2-reduced energy production and thus make a significant contribution to reducing CO2-emissions. Our efforts to make production more environmentally friendly are an important part of our commitment to a more sustainable future.


Thinking in cycles

We are closing the loop in the field of zinc sulphate and focus on sustainable production to conserve resources and reduce waste.

With our “Closing the Loop” approach in the field of zinc sulphate, we at GRILLO focus on sustainable production and an effective circular economy. We are working closely with Aurubis AG, an expert in multi-metal recycling, to conserve valuable resources and reduce waste.

The approach of closing the material cycle without gaps ensures that copper, zinc and other valuable metals are reused in an efficient recycling process. This effective cycle allows us to conserve valuable resources and reduce waste.


Sustainable energy and building concept

For our headquarters we use an energy-efficient building and energy concept, which includes, for example, regular control of the outside temperature and heating/cooling through concrete core activation. Solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules are used to generate energy and we have a rainwater collection system. By using geothermal and renewable energy, over 2.1 million kWh of energy is saved and CO2 is reduced by over 640 tonnes.

Certified management systems

GRILLO’s Integrated Management System (IMS) ensures that our products and services meet the highest standards in terms of quality, environment, energy, food safety and animal feed safety.

We thus pursue the goal of sustainable development and contribute to the protection of the environment. The IMS of GRILLO-Werke AG is based on the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 (Quality), DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environment), DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy), DIN EN ISO 22000 (Food safety) and FAMI-QS (Animal feed safety) and thus ensures highest quality and safety.

An important component of the IMS is the HACCP system, which is applied to substances used in food production. In addition, GRILLO is certified as a waste management company and focuses on efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal. We also attach great importance to religious regulations and are therefore both kosher and halal certified. These certifications give proof that our products meet the strict requirements of Jewish and Islamic laws.

Sustainable dealing for our employees

Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the way we treat our employees. We offer a variety of activities, including our company sports club and regular events such as children’s Christmas parties and anniversary celebrations, to strengthen the corporate feeling and well-being of our employees.

Health and safety of our employees are of paramount importance. An in-house first-aid station, comprehensive occupational health and safety and regular health awareness days contribute to prevention and health promotion. In addition, BERGISCHE Krankenkasse provides attractive health insurance benefits. Our sustainable approach aims to create a positive and supportive work culture.


CSR commitment: recognised by EcoVadis

The commitment of GRILLO-Werke AG to sustainability was again recognised by the international rating agency EcoVadis with a silver medal in April 2022. With this rating, GRILLO position themselves within the top 12 % of companies evaluated by EcoVadis in the chemical and metal industries. The areas of environment and working conditions were particularly emphasised. This award underlines GRILLO’s strong commitment to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and helps to make this commitment transparent to internal and external stakeholders.

Awarded sustainability & sustainable memberships

The many test marks with which our products and our group have been awarded prove what our customers have found confirmed in practice for decades: GRILLO delivers future quality. You can also discover the organisations and initiatives we work with to strengthen and expand our commitment to a sustainable future.

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