New Lohring Bridge in Bochum thermally sprayed with GRILLO zinc wire

Germany’s largest thermally sprayed bridge recently opened in Bochum. A milestone for long-lasting corrosion protection.
The recently completed Lohring Bridge in Bochum is something special, because it is also characterized by a progressive innovation: It is the largest bridge in Germany to be thermally sprayed with GRILLO zinc wire. After months of construction work, the bridge is now open to traffic and provides an important link in Bochum’s urban area. The old Lohring Bridge, which had been in operation since 1909, was replaced by the new structure, which spans 102 meters.
An outstanding feature of the Lohring Bridge is the spray galvanizing, which protects it from corrosion and ensures its durability. Bochum’s Lord Mayor Thomas Eiskirch emphasized the importance of this innovation and emphasized: “That’s why we won’t have to do this for the next 100 years – with conventional processes, you have to do it after 30 years”. The Lohring Bridge therefore not only represents an infrastructural improvement, but also a sustainable structure for future generations.
The use of GRILLO zinc wire in the thermal spraying process offers effective, long-lasting and sustainable corrosion protection and impressive durability. This process relies on the most advanced zinc alloys, which guarantee high adhesive strength and can be used in various applications, from bridge refurbishments to industrial projects.

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