We manufacture dimethyl sulphate (DMS), also known as sulphuric acid dimethyl ester, in Europe´s last facility at the Industrial Park Höchst in Frankfurt.

Dimethyl sulphate is a colourless to light yellow liquid. Due to its special properties, particular safety measures have to be taken when it is manufactured, transported and handled. The product may not be released and must always be kept in closed systems.

DMS – The Grillo Way
This means
• Safety in the manufacture, handling and use of DMS as the highest priority
• Protecting people and the environment from exposure
• Avoiding or limiting its emissions
To this end, we offer our experiences in the form of training sessions in our facility in Frankfurt and in the form of consultations at your site.

Dimethyl sulphate is an excellent methylating agent and is essential in several chemical applications, for instance in the manufacture of fabric softeners, agrochemicals, cosmetics, colouring agents and pharmaceutical products. Dimethyl sulphate is also an essential component of many other chemical syntheses.

We supply dimethyl sulphate solely in the approved safety containers as follows
• Small safety containers up to 3,000 kg
• ISO tank containers up to 26,000 kg
• Rail tank cars up to 55,000 kg

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