Grillo-Werke AG operates production facilities at the Duisburg-Hamborn and the Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park locations in which dangerous substances are handled. These locations are subject to the expanded duties imposed by the Incident Ordinance. Accordingly, there are safety reports with concepts for preventing incidents and alarm and defence plans, which are regularly updated in consultation with the authorities.

All plants are tested on an ongoing basis and approved by the responsible authorities (Düsseldorf Regional Administration and Darmstadt Regional Council) in accordance with the legal provisions. These approvals take all environmental and safety-relevant points, such as plant safety, labour protection, air purity and water protection as well as avoidance, recycling and disposal of waste, into consideration.

As part of our safety precautions, we would like to inform you of our safety measures, as well as the correct reaction in emergencies within and outside the company property.