Grillo-ZEP® rods are newly developed lead-free zinc-based extrusion products. In order to ensure the range of applications for our Zinc Extrusion Products, we are continually developing alloy qualities to meet your special requirements. New zinc alloys are used allowing us to achieve mechanical properties which were not feasible with zinc material before. ZEP® is specifically produced from zinc and alloyed with copper, aluminium and magnesium. For example, it is thus possible to adjust defined tensile strengths which are in turn required to enable the forging and cutting of the material. Grillo-ZEP® products therefore often represent an alternative to non-ferrous metal or light metal rods generally used (e.g. brass semi-finished products or brass rods, copper semi-finished products or copper rods, aluminium semi-finished products or aluminium rods).

Grillo Zinc Extrusion Products are used in further processing as individual initial products in the widest variety of industrial branches and sectors. Apart from the excellent machinability of the material, our multifaceted alloy developments and format variants open the door to the manufacture of products in the most varied applications. Our Zinc Extrusion Products are used, for example, in the manufacture of end products in the construction business, in the electronics industry as well as in the furniture industry and various branches of the metal goods industry.

Product range
The Grillo Zinc Extrusion Products are manufactured using state-of-the-art casting and extrusion processes and are available in their standard forms as round rods or with a hexagonal profile. Special profiles or pipes are also possible. We can supply diameters from 8 mm to 50 mm in lengths from 300 mm to 3,000 mm. Please contact us if you need dimensions outside these ranges. Our Zinc Extrusion Products are fully recyclable and can be used and reused in the material cycle. Primary scrap, i.e. forging waste, cuttings or chips resulting from processing, are taken back by Grillo-Werke AG and are then returned to the production process.

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