In our Duisburg-Hamborn plant, we operate the largest zinc sulphate production facility in Europe.

Zinc sulphates are odourless, hygroscopic and easily soluble in water. Zinc sulphate monohydrate is a white, powdery or pearly product. Zinc sulphate hexahydrate Grilloflow® is a white fine crystalline powder.

Product range
The following qualities are available
• Zinc sulphate monohydrate technical
• Zinc sulphate monohydrate feed Quality
• Zinc sulphate hexahydrate technical Grilloflow®
• Zinc sulphate monohydrate EP/USP/FCC
• Zinc sulphate heptahydrate USP

Typical markets for the use of zinc sulphate include the pharmaceutical, feed and fertiliser industries.
Technical applications in the manufacture of fibres, the electroplating industry and as a flotation aid in the mining industry demonstrate the multitude of uses for zinc sulphate.

Zinc sulphate is shipped in
• 25 kg bags
• Big Bags up to max. 1,000 kg
• Silo trucks

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