Company sports association
The company sports association (BSG) offers our employees a variety of leisure opportunities, including football, table tennis, Nordic walking, angling and fitness. Some of our employees are decades-long members of individual groups.

Children’s Christmas party
The Children’s Christmas party which is held for the children of our employees rings in the festive period with a programme of fun activities. This pre-Christmas afternoon event puts all the guests, big and small, into the Christmas spirit.

The Children’s Christmas party is traditionally held in the Luise-Albertz Hall in Oberhausen.

Pensioners’ meeting
Our long-term employees, who are in their well-deserved retirement, look forward to exchanging news and refreshing memories.

Staff Anniversary Celebration
Our staff anniversaries have always been celebrated in style. All our employees who were celebrating their 25th or 35th anniversary with the company within the past two years are invited.

First Aid Station
Grillo-Werke AG has a first-aid station as well as an external company medical service. Our employees thus have access to socio-medical counselling and in-house addiction treatment as well as physiotherapy. Occupational health checks carried out in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations, pre-placement medical examinations, outpatient treatment, first aid after accidents and reanimation can be carried out by the health care team. Five trained company paramedics and many first-aiders trained in operating the AED (automated external defibrillator) are also available.

Occupational Safety
Occupational safety at Grillo-Werke AG includes measures for the prevention of accidents at work, averting work-related health risks and ensuring humane working conditions.

Work processes should be designed so that the danger of risk to life and limb is avoided as much as possible and any remaining risk is kept as low as possible. At Grillo-Werke AG, occupational safety and health protection are viewed in a holistic manner, taking into account both the emotional and physical demands of the workplace.

In doing this, we draw on the newest developments of technology, occupational medicine, hygiene and occupational research. Technology, occupational organisation, other working conditions, social relationships and the influence of the environment on the work place must be linked in an appropriate manner.

The challenge lies in upholding the message of occupational safety throughout the whole company. Each employee has to realise that a lack of awareness of occupational safety is risky, for the employee himself, as well as his colleagues and the company as a whole.

Health Awareness Day
The health day is intended to encourage employees to keep themselves healthy and fit with relatively simple means.

Bergische Krankenkasse (Bergische Health Insurance) – from Grillo for Grillo
BKK Grillo-Werke AG Health Insurance was founded as early as the year 1870 as a company health insurance fund. BKK Grillo-Werke AG merged with BERGISCHE Krankenkasse on January 1st, 2022. Both health insurance funds now operate under the name BERGISCHE Krankenkasse. Like BKK Grillo-Werke AG before, BERGISCHE Krankenkasse is also located at Grillo-Werke AG and offers employees the best possible service with attractive benefits for the whole family and the best bonus programme in Germany (it ranks first in the Handelsblatt quality ranking test for statutory health insurances) with a current contribution rate of 16%.