Our zinc powder has excellent electrical properties and a low tendency for gassing.

Powder for alkaline round cells
BI types (Bismuth, Indium), BIA types (Bismuth, Indium, Aluminium)

Powder for button cells
Mercury-free zinc powder

Powder for printed batteries
Fine and highly flowable qualities at the customer’s request

Grillo zinc powder is mainly used in alkaline batteries and in button cells. It is characterised by a low battery gassing and excellent performance.

Areas of application
Alkaline round cells
Zinc-air button cells
Silver oxide button cells
Printed batteries

Product range
Particle size: from min. 20 µm to max. 600 µm
Particle distributions on request
Grillo zinc powder is available in plastic bags up to 25 kg or in Big Bags up to 1,200 kg.

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