ZnAl alloy wires


Our standard production programme includes the alloys ZnAl2, ZnAl4 and ZnAl15.

Additionally, special alloys and dimensions are produced according to customer specifications.

Areas of application:

Zinc aluminium wires are preferred when it comes to protecting steel in the maritime sector and environments with low pH values. But their use also makes sense in other environments because of the positive cost effects due to the lower wire consumption per square metre and the higher utilization rate of the coating equipment.

Cathodic corrosion protection of steel structures (e.g. cast iron pipes, steel frames, electricity pylons, gas cylinders, wind power plants, bridge structures etc.).

The advantages of the zinc-aluminium wires in thermal spraying::

  • – Higher corrosion protection
  • – Higher deposition rate
  • – Reduced overspray

Product range:

Grillo zinc alloy wires are available in standard diameters 1.6 mm-4.76 mm.

Packing units:

  • – Endless wire in fibre drums (with inner cylinder)
  • – Endless wire in metal drums (with inner cylinder)
  • – Spools (SD 300 or SH 390)
  • – Coils in PE foils


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