The Metal Division of the Grillo Group is the global leader in the zinc wire market. With its two companies Grillo-Werke AG in Duisburg, Germany, and Zinacor in Angleur, Belgium, the Metal Division combines the experience of two of the world’s leading zinc wire manufacturers. Our globally unique variety of production lines allows us to offer a particularly extensive product range of zinc and zinc alloy wires that are used in arc and flame spraying processes. At the two production sites, we employ state-of-the-art technologies and produce according to the high Grillo quality standards. This ensures the outstanding quality of Grillo zinc wire which is particularly appreciated in the market.

Both locations offer highly reliable delivery and shortest possible delivery times.

Many years of experience have led to extensive knowledge of applications and materials. In our Research and Development department, we use this expertise to find optimal solutions for our customers and to develop new products.


The wire scrap and the overspray produced during the thermal spraying process can be 100% recycled if collected sorted.