The Grillo Group (i.e. Grillo-Werke AG and all its subsidiaries) is committed to lawful behaviour, fair competition and to observing high ethical standards. As a long-established company, we rely on our good reputation in the market, the dedication of our employees and the quality of our products, and not on unethical or unlawful practices. Unlawful conduct, such as cartel agreements or corruption, can have severe consequences for the company and the employees involved. We thus expect all our employees to conduct themselves in a lawful manner when carrying out their activities. As even just administrative enquiries can damage the reputation of a company, the appearance of unlawful conduct is also not acceptable.

Grillo-Werke AG has established the “THE GRILLO GROUP POLICY ON LAWFUL CONDUCT” for all organisations and employees worldwide. The main areas of this policy are: Avoiding violations of cartel law; avoiding corruption; maintaining confidentiality and avoiding conflicts of interest and the basic rules in the case of on-site administrative enquiries.

All managers and nominated operational staff members receive regular training.

Compliance (German)

Compliance (English)