Grillo-KKS-Beton is a cathodic corrosion protection system for steel in concrete, developed by Grillo-Werke AG and patented worldwide. It combines a thermally sprayed zinc layer and an additional surface coating which are applied to reinforced concrete.

Corrosion damage to reinforced concrete constructions is very common and often leads to severe damage and the need for expensive repair work. It is thus necessary to install a corrosion protection system for reinforced concrete structures that are subjected to corrosive environmental conditions, such as chloride contamination. This applies particularly to car parks and bridges, which are exposed to a high degree of chloride contamination, due to the use of de-icing salts.

The Grillo-KKS–Beton system provides you with a solution for the durable and secure protection of already damaged, but still functional reinforced concrete.

The system only requires brief rehabilitation work. This saves a lot of time compared with other repair methods. The zinc anode can be applied in an automated manner, thus allowing installation costs to be reduced. The system is also installed with very little noise.

A special feature of the system is its “low maintenance function”, as it does not require any time-consuming operation and control.

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