Grillo has developed systems for recycling waste materials on the basis of traditional sulphur and zinc chemistry. Our recycling process at the Duisburg site is based on processes that we have developed ourselves. Industrial waste materials are burned in two separately operating rotary kilns at high temperatures. The gas released here is purified and used as a raw material in the production of ultra-pure liquid sulphur dioxide.

Waste management facility
As part of our constant optimisation of quality, the environment and safety, we regularly submit our waste management facility to testing and have been certified as such since 2001.

The employees of the Chemicals Division work in accordance with our fundamental environmental and safety policies and are always working hard to optimise these even further. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with comprehensive solutions.

Grillo recycles and disposes of “used” sulphuric acids from industry. As a waste management facility, we offer solutions to industrial waste issues.

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