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The current global situation is causing disruption in the commodity market. For many primary products, Europe is 100% dependent on imports.

A good example of this is the current market for phosphoric acid. Considering the enormous economic relevance of phosphoric acid, the present situation is worrying.

Thanks to Sodium Bisulfate, an alternative is available that is produced in Europe!

Advantages of Sodium Bisulfate[1]

• Approved in the food and feed industry: E 514ii and considered GRAS[2] anerkannt
• Low acid dissociation constant (pKa = 1.99), thus requiring a lower dosage compared to other acidulants
• Very good water solubility (1080 g per 1000 ml at 25° C)
• Money-saving potential
• Environmentally-friendly production in Germany

  • • Climate-neutral production process
  • • Use of hydrogen as an energy carrier

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[1]NaHSO4, sodium hydrogen sulfate
[2]USA FDA: Generally Recognized As Safe

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