Grillo-Werke AG receives awards from VCI


True to our company philosophy “Progress as a Tradition”, we have, in all our divisions and since the foundation of our company, focused on the development of new processes, techniques and materials as well as chemicals in order to optimize our products.

As an innovative company, we also assume the responsibility we bear regarding the conservation and protection of the environment. The conservation of resources, product safety and occupational safety are key elements of our company strategy.

Therefore, we are both delighted and proud that our commitment to sustainability has been recognized in the form of numerous awards.

Grillo wins two prizes in the 2017 VCI Responsible Care competition

As a country poor in natural resources, Germany is reliant on the importation of raw materials. The efficient and sustainable use of waste materials is therefore of central significance to the German economy.

“We have good ideas for the circular economy” – that was the motto of the 2017 Responsible Care competition held by the German chemical industry association VCI (Verband der Chemischen Industrie). In this context, a prize was awarded to Grillo-Werke AG (Duisburg, Germany) and Aurubis (Lünen, Germany) for their joint project. This sustainable project which follows the principles of „short distances“ and demonstrates a traceable and close resource recycling cycle for copper, zinc and other valuable metals was regarded by the jury as a prime example for the circular economy. This innovative co-operation between two industrial companies located in North Rhine-Westphalia led to them being awarded first prize in their region and second prize in Germany.

This long-term project not only ensures the future of the zinc sulphate unit at the production site in Duisburg-Hamborn, which is the most important unit for the production of zinc sulphate in the EU, but also consequently secures numerous jobs in our region.

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Grillo is awarded first prize in the 2016 VCI NRW Responsible Care competition

The project „New standards for the safety technology of pressure tank cars” is the winner of the 2016 Responsible Care competition held by VCI NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) and entitled “25 years of Responsible Care – Our best project” in the category “Transport safety”. The award ceremony took place on June 1st on the occasion of the parliamentary evening of VCI NRW. In his speech, Professor Dr. Dröscher, Cluster Manager of Chemie.NRW and President of the jury made up of various experts from the companies, said: “Grillo has, in collaboration with Wascosa, developed a pressure tank car which significantly enhances safety in tank car transportation thanks to its innovative safety elements. Today, more than 1,000 of these tank cars are in use and European regulations have also already been adapted to fit these new developments. This tangible improvement in transport safety in the field of rail haulage has impressed the jury and rightly wins the award in the category ‘Transport safety’.” Professor Dr. Dröscher, Dr. Papke, Vice President of the Landtag (German state parliament), and Dr. Hilken, Chairman of the Executive Board of VCI NRW, jointly presented Dr. Schulte with the prize.