As one of the leading manufacturers of zinc oxide, Grillo Zinkoxid GmbH has developed a specialised process for manufacturing nano-scale zinc oxides. Nano-scale zinc oxide is used for both cosmetic and industrial applications.

1.1. Grillo UV ProTec®
For cosmetic applications
Grillo UV ProTec® is an uncoated zinc oxide.
When it is finely dispersed in sunblock Grillo UV ProTec® is transparent and ensures excellent protection against UV radiation.

1.2. Grillo NANOTec®
For industrial applications
Grillo NANOTec® has a multitude of applications.
Some examples of industrial applications are the UV and anti-ageing protection in coating systems (including paints and varnishes). However, Grillo NANOTec® can also be found in plastics, textiles and electronic products.
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