Zinc is an essential trace element which participates in a number of metabolic reactions in the human and animal Body.

Grillo Zinkoxid GmbH supplies the feed industry with zinc oxide in two qualities for the production of trace element mixes. To underscore our quality standards, we have had our production processes certified in accordance with FAMI QS.

A specialised production process ensures that the feed qualities have an excellent flow capacity, and as a result of the high bulk densities, it is easily storable and has excellent mixing properties. The zinc also has very good bio-availability, thanks to the microscopically visible roughened surface structure, which contributes considerably to the healthy growth and long life of the animals.

With Zinc Oxide Pharma 4, Grillo Zinkoxid GmbH also provides ultra-pure zinc oxide for use in veterinary medicine.

Zinc oxide qualities Zn-/ZnO-content  
F 72 ≥ 71.5 %
F 80 ≥ 74.5 %
Pharma 4 ≥ 99.9 %

Supplied in the form of

• Paper bags with 25 kg net
• Big Bags with 500 kg – 1,000 kg net
• Silo trucks

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